A hugely successful weekend with Richmond star Dan Jackson joining us at Auskick last weekend. The glow on the kid’s faces, the great turnout of people, and the tips and time Dan had with our young players was fantastic and a highlight for the season.  Thank you, primarily to Dennis Cornwell for taking the lead in organising the visit and helping Dan with logistics over his time in Singapore. Other committee members and sponsors, we thank you for your assistance and generosity over the weekend, in particular, Sam Davies from Holiday Inn and Jason and Felicity Pope from Dallas Restaurant and Bar for their kind support.

Sharks Carnival Day – 24 May

On the Saturday, 24th May, the Sharks will play host to 3 teams from the Bali Gecko's AFL Club.  The day will consist of games only and involve age groups Years 1 to Year 6+.  Pre School and prep will continue to train in the gym normal

The plan for the day is to divide each age group into teams, each with their own coach and play a round robin tournament against other Sharks teams and the Bali Gecko's.  Teams and timings for the day will be announced the week prior. 

In order to participate in the day, each player must register by emailing your name and year group to sharksfc@ais.com.sg

Registrations close on the 16th May.

From the Oval

A fantastic turnout for our visit from Dan Jackson. The excitement amongst the adults probably surpassed that of the kids which made for a great afternoon.

The groups continued with skill rotations followed by games this week. The skill levels have increased markedly and it is nice to see this demonstrated in game mode. We are preparing for ‘Carnival Day’ on May 24th and the kids will be ready to put on a show for what we hope to be a big crowd. Please remember to register for game so that we can pick teams and be organised to maximise game time on the day. Teams, coaches and a draw for the age groups will be sent home with the newsletter next week.

This week we will be several coaches and kids down on numbers due to the Bangkok trip. If you are around and able to help out please come out to the middle of the oval at the start of your child’s age group and let me know. One of the observations made by Dan Jackson was the amount of coaches and quality that he saw on Saturday which is a credit to all of our volunteers. We look forward to a fantastic finish to the season.

Dale Carmody

From the Gym

Last week in the gym the numbers were a bit mixed concerning our groups. The Prep numbers were high, whereas the Pre-school numbers were down a bit. For both groups we are looking to combine different skill sets into the one activity so that the players are linking fundamental motor skills and gross motor skills. As a result, we want more natural movements that flow instead of lots of stop-start movements.

The focus for the Pre-schoolers was on kicking and handballing skills, trying to ensure technique and accuracy, as well as achieving some success by hitting different targets; however, we still need to gain control on the power used by the students when doing these skills. Some techniques to follow when handballing are: hold the ball at waist height on the platform hand, bending slightly at the waist; strike with the correct part of the fist; and catch the fist after striking. When kicking: ring fingers down the side seams; drop/guide the ball to the foot; step and kick; and point the toes towards the target when kicking.

The Preps were working on their picking up and ground skills as quite often this is where the ball spends most of its time, especially at this age level. We did this among six challenging activities, as the players spent a lot of time gathering the ball and spending time on the ground themselves. It’s important that the players know where their body is in relation to different things, becoming more spatially aware and focusing on the ball all at the same time. Some things to remember when gathering the ball are: bend at the waist and the knees; have fingers spread and pointing down; body behind the ball; and have eyes on the ball.

Ian Forbes


* Thanks to our volunteers on the BBQ last week, Kristie, Shane, Junia and Belinda.

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