A very big welcome to all our new members joining the Singapore Sharks Footy Club (SSFC) and welcome back to our returning members. 2015 is shaping to be a phenomenal year with enthusiastic support after the first week of footy – a new bright kit with what can be best described as a mean- looking shark on the front, players names on the back of the jumper to not only help the coaches with all the players names but also hopefully, enthusiasm and adrenalin-pumped action when they hear their name is called. With nearly 300 players joining by week 1, we should see plenty of numbers in the age groups to play some competitive footy!

Mr Dale Carmody continues as head coach, Mr Ian Forbes continues as assistant coach leading the youngúns in the gym and Josephine Ong continuing in administration, with an expanded committee of Junia Avramopoulos, Godfrey Azoor, Mark Berridge, Milan Rokic joining in 2015 and Damian Davies, Marlon Herft, Murray Naismith with Dennis Cornwell, Vaughan English and myself continuing. Recently, George Cooper, Johanna Nuttall and Nick Carracher stepped down from the committee and thank you for your contributions.

2015 also sees the club have strong support from our corporate community with CAT, Dallas Restaurant and Bar, NAB and AIS all return as sponsors as well as two additional new sponsors at the club – Visy and Telstra. Thank you to the sponsors as well as the many in-kind and product sponsors through the year that help keep our club a great club – and the best value for money club in Singapore by far.

The SSFC will also of course focus on both social and footy activities during the year with the AGM and Social Night in March, the annual Trivial Night in April, a tour to HK expected in May, the Bali 9s Masters in June, the much anticipated tour of the ‘G’ and grid games during half time on one of the weekends in the mid year break, and quite possibly a tour of Perth in August.  A ‘lightning round’ for the older players will also be implemented to help them to adapt in a pressure cooker, premiership style environment. We are also excited that 2015 will be another year where we host current players on a visit to Singapore – more about that later.  

To our parents (and grandparents who visit), we are very proud of the community we have created at the club and we welcome new members with open arms, so please don't be shy in introducing yourself to the coaches, committee or other parents you see around. Lastly, the club is run completely by volunteers and we welcome any assistance you can give whether it coaching, helping with the BBQ or setting the ground up, there's always something to be done. All help is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share your thoughts and views.

Just a reminder of our training times for this week.  

  • U5 (born in 2010 or later): 4 - 4.45pm in the Gym
  • U6 (born in 2009): 3 - 4pm in the Gym
  • U7 (born in 2008): 3 – 4pm
  • U9 (born in 2006 and 2007): 2 – 3pm
  • U11 (born in 2004 and 2005): 4 -5pm
  • U12+ (born in 2001, 2002 and 2003): 5 - 6pm
  • U15+ and Adults: 6 – 7pm

The full schedule of dates for 2015 will be posted on the website shortly (www.sharksfc.com.sg) and in next week’s newsletter. Any feedback, comments or thoughts you have to further enhance our kid’s experience is always welcome.  Once again, welcome to the club and enjoy the season.

Tony Davies, President

From The Coaches

And So It Begins!

The season got off to a flying start on Saturday with 250 kids and around 50 coaches having a run around and a kick. Thanks very much to the coaches who helped out on the day, as you could see there were many coaches helping the kids with their skills on the day. The U/7 and U/9 groups aim is to touch the ball as many times in the hour in order to develop the basic skills of the game. The ratio of coaches makes this possible. We had 60 kids in the first group last week but were fortunate to have 16 coaches in that year level. If you do see lots of coaches, please don’t let that put you off joining in as the more we have, the more times the kids touch the ball. The U/11 and U/12 groups started with a skill session this week and got back into the swing of things very quickly. We will be moving to a game/skills rotation this week, the games won’t involve full tackling just yet as tackling technique will be a part of the skill work. We have enough coaches for each team to have on field defensive and forward coaches which will be fantastic. With this in mind, we would like all participants to be wearing a mouthguard for the rest of the season.
Coaches shirts should arrive this week so it would be great to witness a sea of yellow on the oval this week!
Coaching refresher course with Neil Berras

We also have Neil Barras ( AFL Coaching Mentor ) returning to run a refresher course on Saturday, February 7th at 10am. We will meet at the School Canteen at 10am. This is open to all interested coaches and will be focused on the game sense activities that we will be running this year. If you are interested, please email us.

Dale Carmody

From the Gym(6U & 5U):

A big welcome back to new and old Sharks Auskick members! We returned to the Big Gym to get our season underway, with both the 5U and 6U groups orienting, or reorienting, themselves with the AFL ball. The good thing was the amount of touches that the kids were getting and the skill application all round. We continued with the 2014 theme of running stations, involving: kicking, handballing, marking/catching, gathering, ball control and visual tracking. These skills will become more specific with time, but for now it’s pure orientation and gross motor movement.

If you’re having a play with your kids using the oval ball here are some teaching points to think about to assist with the progression of your child:
Kicking: practice pointing the toes when making contact with the ball. If the toes are drawn back when kicking the ball will simply go up instead of away.
Handballing: ensure that the thumb is curled under when making a fist, not lying on the index finger. If the child is doing this incorrectly it will hurt!
Marking: have the tips of the thumbs together and fingers spread for marking the in front of the eyes. The thumbs are the gates, try and keep them closed, nobody likes a ball in the face!
Gathering: have the fingers pointing down towards the ground, little fingers close. This will assist in trapping the ball in the hands

Just a reminder that if you are able to assist with coaching during these sessions please drop me an email at ian_forbes@ais.com.sg. I will send you the session plans each week, probably a Thursday or Friday, giving you a heads-up of what we are doing on the Saturday. I spoke to quite a few budding coaches on the weekend who were interested which was good!

Coach Forby

Update on Delivery Dates

This weekend will see the following being delivered:

  • All remaining Footy kits that were ordered prior to the Australia Day BBQ
  • All Auskick packs available for collection for all U5, U6, U7 and those U9 that choose one (or a SSFC cap)
  • A SSFC Nike Cap for the U11s and U12+ who do not already have one
  • The majority of the coaches shirts

The remaining kits that were ordered both last weekend and the weekend of Australia Day BBQ will be ready we anticipate the week after CNY.

Slight change to schedule

Due to all the gyms being occupied with a basketball carnival the U5 and U6 will be on the SMALL OVAL (through the gym away from the BBQ) for this week only. Please apply sunscreen, wear hats and bring water bottles.


A reminder that each Saturday during the Auskick season, the barbeque will be firing to ensure that the kids can get a sausage and a cold drink. We can only do this with support each week from volunteers to help out with the barbecue (Typically we need 2 to 3 people around for the afternoon). Many hands make light work, so please drop us an email if you can help out during the season. We would like to thank Michaela, Robyn, Ann and Awatif for helping out last week. The kids are encouraged to bring a water bottle which can sit at the drinks station, in the shade while the kids train. Please also be reminded that all kids should apply sunscreen before training.

Exclusive offer from Nike

Thanks to Paul Faulkner and Nike, SSFC have been offered an exclusive two weeks discount period to purchase new footy boots and sports gear at a significant saving.  For the first two weeks in February Nike outlet stores in Changi Business Park and West Coast Plaza will offer an addition 40% discount on all Football Footwear and an additional 30% off apparel. Discount to be applied at the checkout. A voucher must be shown. Please see any of the committee members or coaches to receive your voucher!

More on Footy Boots

The footy boot swap concept was a little slow to get off the ground. All footy boots that were still in the stockpiles at the end of last year were donated to a group of kids during a tour to a school in Nepal. The kids were very grateful and no doubt have never had a pair before. We will continue to off the footy boot swap in 2015 so after you have new Nike boots, please drop them in.

Social Evening for Members incorporating the AGM
Please mark your calendars for the evening of Friday, March 13 at Level 3, Dallas Restaurant and Bar, 31 Boat Quay for 7.30pm.  An exciting unveiling of events for 2015 as well as a chance to let your hair down overlooking the Singapore River at Boat Quay.
SSFC Trivia Night 2015
After much fanfare and excitement unveiling the date for the trivia night for 2015, we have to change it due to unforeseen conflicts.  Please note the new date is Saturday, 18 April.
Please note that mouthguards are compulsory for any age groups that are playing contact footy.  You can buy mouthguards at Queensway or at a lot of sporting stores in Singapore. Alternatively, you may consider a fitted mouthguard for yourself or your child and this can be done at your dentist.   David Bell from International Dental, Camden Medical Centre (1 Orchard Boulevard, #02-01, Singapore 248649 Ph 68873353 orinfo@internationaldental.com.sg) has offered them at a special rate (less than $100 expected).
WatchAFL Global Pass – A message from the AFL
AFL are pleased to announce that the WatchAFL affiliates program is ready to be launched for the 2015 season.  WatchAFL Global Pass is an international streaming service where all AFL matches can be viewed either Live or On Demand.
· Approximately 40,000 packages were sold in 2014 around the world
· 10% of proceeds are to be made in support of AFL development in Asia (which may or may not include Singapore)
· Please click on this link to register - http://watchafl.afl.com.au/?amc=305436

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