The kids will be celebrating the end of term this week for many at AIS, but remember that Auskick will continue this week but not 5 April for those staying in Singapore over the break.  As such, no BBQ this week so please bring plenty of drinks to keep the kids well hydrated.

From the Gym:

Firstly, I would like to put out a big thank you, yet again, to the parents who have stepped up to take groups, especially at short notice. We were short this week during the Prep session and your efforts are greatly appreciated. With varying school holidays occurring I may need to call on you again this week – both Prep and Pre-school, so if you would like me to send you a session sheet for this week email me at

Last session the Preps were focusing on marking and catching skills, rotating around 6 stations. The aim was for the players to keep their eyes on the ball, watching it into their hands, at a variety of levels. If practicing at home here are a couple of tips that you can reinforce with your child: when catching the ball from a high point have ‘W’ fingers ready and fingers spread, hands ready to catch and, of course, eyes on the ball.

The Pre-school session last week was all about gathering and handballing, working around 5 stations and a game of 'Rob the Nest' to finish with. We want to keep instilling the correct technique with our players, learning one or two new skills at a time. When practicing at home, try and use one or two of the following: Gathering – fingers pointing down and spread, body behind the ball and try moving towards the ball. Handballing – hold the ball at waist level on the ‘platform hand’, catch the fist, only use a small backswing before striking and strike the ball with the correct part of the fist (index finger and thumb end). Whenever we go through drills/skills we want the players to feel success, so use the KISS principle. Failure leads to a lack of motivation and participation.

Bangkok Footy Trip

Numbers are getting close to our target, but still a few spots left if you are keen for your kids to be involved.  Please email to for further information.

Details as follows:

Friday May 16

. Arrival to Bangkok at your leisure.

Saturday May 17

. Leave from the hotel by pre-arranged transportation to the venue

. Multiple games between 10 and 2pm between SSFC and Bangkok Auskick and Junior development teams. U7, U10 and U 13.

. Transportation back to hotel

. Meet at approximately 4pm at a Family friendly expat bar next to the hotel for all families to watch the Fremantle vs. Geelong AFL game

Sunday May 18

. Day of leisure. Explore Chatuchak markets or the floating village. Perhaps even explore a river cruise or hang by the pool, before flying back to Singapore.


* Thank you for those that attended our New Members Night and brief Annual General Meeting at Dallas Restaurant and Bar – last Friday.   A great night was had and fantastic to see so many new faces.

* Many thanks to Jo and Cliff for helping out on the BBQ last week. If you would like to volunteer for next term's BBQ, please send us an email.

* Auskick packs are ready to be picked up if you have not already done so.

* For sale: 2X annual Fitness First membership. Able to be used island wide at 14 outlets now and a further 2 more opening soon. Further enquiries please drop us a line.

* The AFL have confirmed our game for the Melbourne trip – Richmond vs Swans on Friday night, June 20 at the MCG. We will be playing a couple of games on the MCG at half time followed by a back of house tour. More details to follow. To register your interest, please email.  All ages welcome.

* You will have noticed that the Sharks include photos of our Auskick sessions and tour games etc. in our newsletters, on the website and in other media to keep members informed about what is happening and to promote the Club.  Please let us know if you would prefer that your child not appear in such material.

* Singapore Sharks Football Club has a Facebook page. Please ‘Like” us => Search for 'Singapore Sharks AFL'

* Twitter account @sgsharksfc is also now active if you want to follow us.  #gosharks.



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