We are nearly at the end of the first half of the season, hard to believe really! The development of the skill levels in all groups has been great to see in the last few weeks. As the drills and activities target the basic skills, the work of the coaches is definitely coming to fruition.

From the Oval:

Year 1 - Touching the football as many times as possible is still the goal for this group. The skills are getting better and the drills and games will begin to include more than one skill in order to continue this development. Some keepings off type handball games have been introduced in order to begin looking at game sense and feel. As I have said, if you are able to help out in this group the more the merrier, as the smaller the groups, the more touches the kids get.

Year 2/3 - The drills and activities are becoming more difficult and including multiple skills which the kids are really enjoying. This group has developed really well and are playing mini, non-contact games in order to put their skills to the test. This week the kids were kicking at goal posts, kicking goals on the run and kicking the winning goal in grand finals which was great to see.

Year 4/5 - The Year 4/5's continue to develop their skills and are now applying them to game situations. With the size of the group and the amount of coaches, we have the luxury of being able to do both. This will continue over the next few weeks as we see the kids working on games sense and sportsmanship among other things.

Year 5/6 - This group continue to rotate through games and skill drills. Again with the size of the group we can concentrate on both. It has been fantastic to see some of our older, bigger boys hold themselves back in order to give the younger boys a shot in the limelight. This is not an easy thing for them to do and shows the character that they possess. We will continue to coach through games with this group as they enjoy the competition immensely.


From the Gym:

This week saw our second session of specific skill implementation for players, concentrating on AFL skills, gross motor and fundamental motor skills, after our initial four weeks of ball and skill orientation. The focus for the Prep group was on gathering skills where they were picking up/gathering the ball from a variety of levels, while continually enhancing their individual and team work skills. It meant a lot of level changes and visually tracking the movement of the ball. Some things to remember when practicing at home are to have the body behind the ball, and the fingers spread and pointing down.

The main focus with the Pre-schoolers last session was around kicking and marking skills. Again, visual tracking was an order for the session, getting the players to keep their eye on the object and watch it into their hands when catching/marking, and focusing on the point of contact when kicking. Some things to remember when marking are: watch the ball into the hands, use your ‘W’ fingers and have their hands ready. When kicking: pointing the toes, ring fingers down the side seams of the ball and dropping/guiding the ball – not throwing it in the air first.

Again, I would like to put out a big thank you to all of the coaches and parents for their assistance, not only last session, but week in, week out. Your services are invaluable and greatly appreciated! If you would like to coach on a more consistent basis with the players please email me at ian_forbes@ais.com.sg and I will send you out the session plan every Friday.

New Members Night

The Annual General Meeting of the Singapore Sharks Football Club will take place on March 21 at Dallas Restaurant and Bar – located at 31 Boat Quay. The meeting will take place on Level 3 at the conclusion of the opening AFL match of the season between North Melbourne and Essendon which is timed to start at 4.30pm and conclude circa 7.30pm. Finger food will be provided with drinks at Happy Hour prices.
The agenda for the AGM will be as follows:
1.    Welcome address
2.    Minutes of Previous AGM 22nd March, 2013
3.    Apologies
4.    Presentation of Financial Accounts for Year-End 2013
5.    Election of Office Bearers
6.    Any other urgent business

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bangkok Footy Trip

A reminder of this fantastic opportunity for the kids.  Please email to sharksfc@ais.com.sg for further information.

Details as follows:

Friday May 16

- Arrival to Bangkok at your leisure.

 Saturday May 17

- Leave from the hotel by pre-arranged transportation to the venue

- Multiple games between 10 and 2pm between SSFC and Bangkok Auskick and Junior development teams. U7, U10 and U 13.

- Transportation back to hotel

- Meet at approximately 4pm at a Family friendly expat bar next to the hotel for all families to watch the Fremantle vs. Geelong AFL game

 Sunday May 18

- Day of leisure. Explore Chatuchak markets or the floating village. Perhaps even explore a river cruise or hang by the pool, before flying back to Singapore.


Sharks Dinner and Trivia Night

Only a few tables left.  Don’t forget to book in for the annual Singapore Sharks Dinner and Trivia Night which will be taking place on Saturday, 26 April


Parkroyal Hotel, Grand Ballroom

Beach Rd

7.30pm til late

$150pp Inc Buffett and free flow beer and wine

 For bookings please email: sharksfc@ais.com.sg



* Thank you to Rachael Walden and Bronnie Vessey (and helpers) for manning the BBQ last week. Please drop us an email if you would like to volunteer for the BBQ. 

* Thank you to Ligentia for providing to SSFC logistics and cargo support for all the Auskick packs that were delivered recently. For more details regarding Ligentia see http://www.sharksfc.com.sg/home/sponsors

* Auskick packs are ready to be picked up if you have not already done so.

* For sale: 2X annual Fitness First membership. Able to be used island wide at 14 outlets now and a further 2 more opening soon. Further enquiries please email sharksfc@ais.com.sg

* The AFL have confirmed our game for the Melbourne trip – Richmond vs Swans on Friday night, June 20 at the MCG. We will be playing a couple of games on the MCG at half time followed by a back of house tour. More details to follow. To register your interest, please us an email.  All ages welcome.

* Singapore Sharks Football Club has a Facebook page. Please ‘Like” us => Search for 'Singapore Sharks AFL'

* Twitter account @sgsharksfc is also now active if you want to follow us.  #gosharks.

                                                              See you on Saturday!!



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