First of all, thank you to Andy Otten and all our Auskick players, coaches and committee members for their combined efforts last weekend when Andy visited the Sharks.  A particular thanks to John Rogers, for his contribution to make this happen and the hospitality he showed Andy and Emily during their time in Singapore.  The initial feedback has been fantastic, the kids truly do love spending some time and gaining some insights from the stars of our great game.  Looking forward to the visit of Melbourne star Jack Trengrove on 23 May.

A special good luck to all our players representing the Sharks in Hong Kong this weekend, have a fantastic time and enjoy the matches.  A reminder to those remaining in Singapore, Auskick will take place as usual. Thank you to our BBQ volunteers last week, David, Stephanie and Tony.

From the Gym

Saturday was game day for the U6’s and U5’s! The U6’s had their first opportunity to put their skills to the test to take a mark, kick a goal and play as a team in their first game of footy. Yes, the game was in the gym, the rules were modified and no-one was “really” keeping score, but the kids were able to engage in some friendly competition. For many, it helps put into perspective what they learn every Saturday and what they see on TV, where for others they could play with their friends in a safe and controlled environment. Hopefully, the U6’s will get another game session in before the end of the season?! 

The U5’s were also involved in a type of games session that involved movement and in some cases, structure. This process can be difficult for kids this age to understand, especially if they haven’t started school yet, but some early immersion doesn’t hurt. It includes things such as working as a team, sharing, co-operation, following rules and moving in a safe and controlled environment. With these movement skills, which of course is important in AFL, they also got to do some target work with kicking and handballing.

For those playing at home here are some teaching strategies to use with your kids:

  • Kicking: lengthen arms when holding the ball, hold the ball at waist level, drop the ball to kick don’t throw it up, and point the toes on impact
  • Handballing: bend at the waist, hold the ball out in front, body at a 45 degree angle, no big backswing with the arm, catch the fist

Some may or may not know, but I won’t be in attendance this week due to work (Junior ACSIS Athletics Championships all day for AIS), so the students will be in the very capable hands of my fellow coaches. Normally, you as parents are fantastic with assisting the players and the coaches with the activities and it would be greatly appreciated if this trend could continue. Have a great session on Saturday, there aren’t that many left, and I look forward to hearing about what everyone got up to.


Coach Forby

From the Oval

It was fantastic having Andy Otten from the Adelaide Crows on hand this week. He made it around to spend time with all of the groups and gave some useful tips about football.

U/9- 2-3pm

A different flow for these guys as we move more into game play. We are splitting the groups at the start into teams where they will stay with their coach for the session. We focus on skill drills for around 20 mins and then get into the games. It is great to see the skills that we have been working on coming through in the games. With not long to go in the season this will be the way we approach each week from here on in.

U/7 – 3-4pm

Some game time at the end of the session for our youngest group on the oval. They have been working hard on the basic skills of the game and we will now start to play some more games as we move toward the end of the season. Once again, thanks to the parents on the sidelines who chipped in to help with the coaching. With a mixture of accidents, injuries, holidays and work we are very light on for coaches in this age group at the moment. We will also have a regular coach from this time slot in Hong Kong on the weekend so I will be looking for helpers again this week.

U/11 – 12+

Plenty of game time once again for the older kids. We had a three group rotation with skill group taken by Andy Otten and a game happening on the oval. This gives us a chance to still work on the skills of the game as well as getting plenty of game time. A good, hard hit out in both age groups this week which is great to see!

Good Luck to our touring teams on the weekend and their coaches Vaughn and Berro. Have a great weekend and enjoy the footy!

Coach Carmody


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Carnival Day 2015 - Carnival Day kicks off on Saturday, May 30th.  Age groups U7's (Junior school oval) U9's, U11's & 12+.  Each will be allocated a coach for the day and nickname eg: Hammerheads. Competition will be a round robin format.  Each child must register by emailing: with name and age group.  Cut-off date for registration is 25th May. Trophy presentations for the Auskick season will occur after each age group’s games are completed.

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