Weekly Schedule & Upcoming Events

  • This Saturday May 7 – Sharks Carnival Clash – HAVE YOU REGISTERED YOUR CHILD?
  • Saturday May 14 – Footy is on as per normal at AIS
  • Saturday May 21 - Hong Kong Dragons Vs Singapore Sharks @ Shark Park Carnival Day ….Teams will be advised closer to the day!
  • Friday Night Under Lights Games – Friday May 27no training on Saturday May 28
  • Footy Breakup & Trophies Day – Saturday June 4
  • Bali 9s Masters June 11 & 12 for the Dads
  • Saturday June 11 Footy as normal at AIS
  • Last Sharks Training Footy Day for 2016 Saturday June 18
  • ‘Lightning Rounds’ Competition Starts Saturday July 23rd

Super Sharks Saturday Training with Port Power’s Matthew White went down a real treat!  Not even the biggest Singapore Thunderstorm we have seen for while could put a dampener on the kids ‘Strutting their Stuff’ to our AFL guest and picking up some great pointers along the way... of course some autographs & photos too!   I did notice that a lot of our Big AFL Kids (Dads, Coaches etc) were also super excited to have Matt here – so a big Thank you to our Sponsor Telstra for making this happen, it is always something special for all our Sharks Community to spend a day with a real AFL Legend – especially in Singapore!  Here are some team shots on the day, all other photos & individual photos taken will be ready to view on the Sharks Flickr gallery next week.

Sharks ’Clash’ Carnival Day this Saturday

Kicking off at 2pm, can't wait for the Sharks Clash! Who will be triumphant - Makos, Hammerheads or the Bull Sharks?  Please arrive 15 minutes before your usual session so we can organise the teams and Coaches can give their ‘Pep Talk’ without losing any ‘game time’.  Last chance to register this week by emailing sharksfc@ais.com.sg with "Sharks Carnival Rego" in the subject and your participating child’s name and age group.  We will have teams published via Facebook & on the Sharks website this Friday ready for Saturday kick off!  Feel free to bring along a picnic rug, drinks & nibbles to enjoy the Carnival Clash atmosphere – even some ‘Sharks’ homemade Supporter gear would be a great way to get into the Spirit – let's see how creative our community can be with creating their Mako Sharks, Hammerheads, Bull Sharks……which team will you be supporting?

Please note there are two Carnival matches open for registrations so please state the specific event(s) in the subject line of your email along with your child's name and age group.

CALLING FOR CARNIVAL TEAM COACHES - we are in need of volunteer coaches to take ownership of a team to coach during these carnivals. Please email the Coach at  scott_murphy@ais.com.sg if you wish to be a coach.

Hong Kong vs Sharks Carnival Clash, Saturday 21 May  

Don’t forget to nominate your players for our Inter Asia Team Clash. Register by emailing sharksfc@ais.com.sg with the heading "HK Carnival" with add your child’s name & age group. Teams will be arranged and published on Facebook & via the newsletter closer the date.  The Carnival will ‘kick-off’ from 12pm. In keeping with the Carnival atmosphere, we welcome all families to hang around after the games for some drinks, watch the AFL on TV and mingle with our Hong Kong visitors.  The BBQ will be on all day however, feel free to bring along some drinks & nibbles – Beer & Wine will also be available for our supporting ‘Mums & Dads’ to kick back & hopefully enjoy the taste of a win!

April’s Shark of the Month Winners A big ‘High 5’ to our Apirl SOM winners – a great display of good sportsmanship, team playing & dedication to improving their game week in-week out!

  • U7s William Allen
  • U9s Tommy
  • U11s Stirling Keogh
  • 12s+ Bella Pollock

Coach Murph

U7 - William Allen
U9 - Tommy
U11- Stirling Keogh
U12+ - Bella Pollock

From the Oval 

What a day! Matt White from the Port Adelaide Football Club, Shark of the Month, U9’s playing a mini carnival and the biggest electrical storm to hit this year, made for a very busy but awesome day. It was really fantastic having Matt White (a real AFL player as some kids mentioned!) here this week. He got to spend some quality time with all groups and speak with them about himself, AFL and the importance of goal setting. The most striking and compounding thing Matt said to each group about their football was the importance of basic skills. Even after being in the AFL system for 11 years, he still needs to consistently practice and evolve his game. This was great to hear as this is what we continue to preach to all age groups and the importance of basic skills.

U7’s – Unfortunately we were rudely interrupted by an almighty storm but with some great improvisation, we moved into the small gym for some organized chaos.  Once again, thanks to the coaches and parents on the sidelines who chipped in to help. The under 7’s continued to work hard on the basic skills of the game and we will now start to play some more games as we move toward the end of the season.

U9’s - We ran with something a little different this week. With a busy day, we thought we would showcase our largest group and start preparing the Auskickers for the upcoming carnivals. We split the groups at the start into teams where they played in a 5 team round robin whilst the team that had a bye did basic skills with Matt White. It is great to see the skills that we have been working on coming through in these games.

U11’s & 12’s+ - Plenty of game time once again for the older kids. We still stuck with our usual routine of getting 100 touches per person before delving into our games. This gives us a chance to still work on the skills of the game as well as getting plenty of game time. A good, hard hit out in both age groups this week which is great to see.

Coaches needed inquire within: With our carnival season fast approaching, I am asking for volunteer coaches to take ownership of a team to coach during these carnivals. Please email me at  scott_murphy@ais.com.sg if you wish to be a coach.

See you all this week for our intraclub Carnival.

Coach Murph

From the Gym  

The kids were in for a treat this week with AFL footballer Matt White stopping in!  All the kids had a chance to get a photo with Matt and hear about some of his AFL experiences. The theme for the U6’s and U5’s was kicking, with some other skills mixed in. It is often difficult to have kicking skills without marking skills also. At this age, often making contact with the ball can be difficult as timing the drop and striking out of the hands is not a natural movement; however, with continued practise and repetition this skill, like many others, improves over time. With remaining sessions we will look at combining different AFL skills that we have covered this year into one.

Here are some teaching strategies for those playing at home.

• Kicking: ring fingers down the seems of the footy, arms extended (especially for those who kick with the knee), point the toes towards the target when kicking.

• Handballing: bend at the waist, ball on the platform hand, shallow backswing of the striking fist, catch the fist when striking (no massive follow-through).

Cheers, Stevo

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