What’s Coming Up:          

17 March – Friday Night Footy Under Lights & Club AGM -all welcome – Training Kicking off from 6pm – check FB page (Singapore Sharks AFL) for details closer to the date

18 March (Saturday) NO Footy (Friday Night under Lights replaces this session)

May 4 to 6 – Nicola Barr AFLW Player Visit & Training with Sharks – More details to come

May 13 – Shanghai SSFC Tour –Calling for ‘Expressions of Interest’

May 27 - SSFC 10 year Anniversary Social Night - more details to come on FB – SSFC club’s most popular social night on the calendar celebrating 10yrs!

June 10 & 11 – Hong Kong Tour – Calling for Expressions of Interest – a highlight of the season for our Sharks

The full schedule of dates for 2017 can be found here and on our Facebook Page – Singapore Sharks AFL

SSFC’s 2017 Calendar is action-packed! The season is shaping up to be a busy & super fun year of AFL for all the kids & families in our community.  Kicking off with our Friday Night Training under lights in 2 weeks’ time – kids feel they are under the spotlight at the ‘G’, along with our AGM for all to partake. Drinks & nibbles will be available, thank you to JCU Singapore for sponsoring the evening.  Age group training times will be published on our Facebook page.

2017 Shanghai & Hong Kong Tours – Calling for Expressions of Interest

SSFC are excited to be involved in 2 tours this year. First trip to Shanghai playing some of the local Chinese AFL teams on the weekend of May 13/14. If your Auskicker is keen for the tour, please email your ‘expression of interest’ early so we can get an idea of the numbers for competition. Email your child’s name & age group to sharksfc@ais.com.sg– nominating "Shanghai Tour" in the title. (Please do not reply to this newsletter). It’s going to be a fantastic ‘AFLing weekend’ with 1st time AFL Game – Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast Suns being played in Shanghai that Saturday!

Hong Kong Tour June 10/11 Once again, we have been invited to HK to challenge for the Cup – this is an annual challenge that SSFC kids have been champions of for the last few years.  To assist us in arranging teams for the competition – please email your “expression of interest’ to sharksfc@ais.com.sg with your child’s name and age group with “Hong Kong Tour” in the subject line.  (Pease do not reply to this newsletter). More details on the annual challenge will follow as soon as we have the numbers. A fantastic ‘Sharkies Tour’ to be involved in, the kids & adults alike have a blast!

Sharkies New Uniforms are here!  Last Saturday saw the first delivery of our new ‘threads’.  Some of the kids couldn’t wait to get out there training with the new colours, donning the new Sharks Logo!  We now have the 2nd batch delivered and ready for distribution this Saturday so make sure you drop by the desk under our ‘Sharks Banner’ to collect your new colours!

News from our Coaches

From the Oval

The last two Saturdays could not be any different from packing a lifejacket to stay afloat to applying the sunscreen the week before. They were both great days for footy! All age groups showed up ready and enthusiastic to give it their all. All Auskickers are having an absolute ball learning some of the basic skills and drills associated with playing Aussie rules football. While they are running madly around having fun and taking part in all manner of AFL-related drills, the kids are building on their hand/eye coordination, motor skills, teamwork and fitness. I have placed much emphasis on the dynamic warm ups with each groups as we aim to have the Auskickers getting at least 100 touches of the ball before even playing a game. With at least 100 touches of the ball, Auskickers are continuing to build confidence, improve skill level and are constantly involved and busy as we have great coach to Auskicker ratios.

Across all age groups, the atmosphere and level of skill continue to improve and this is evident in our games at the end of each session. In each age group, the football is starting to flow freely where all Auskickers are getting involved and skills are improving. They are beginning to use and apply the skills learnt in training to their games and we’re seeing a real improvement with a higher degree of skill. 

Completing Week 4, we need to implement the No mouth guard, no play’ rule. Auskickers have been learning to tackle and we will begin to add this into their games. If your child does not have a mouth guard, they will not be able to participate in games at the end of training.

Besides basic skills, some things I would like each individual age group to continue to focus on in the coming weeks;

  • · U7s - Listening to coaches, 
  • · U9s - Backing up team mates in line and always being active
  • · U11s - Constructive talk and always being active and backing up team mates in the line. Second efforts.
  • · U13s - Constructive talk, switching the play and chasing up your kick to the next contest.

Shark of the Month Award 

Saturday saw the first of our prestigious “Shark of the Month” awards for 2017. This is awarded to Sharks who display all the attributes that Sharks footballers pride themselves on; sportsmanship, camaraderie, commitment and attitude to improving their game. We will be awarding Shark of the Month on the last weekend of each month so encourage your Auskickers to keep excelling.

Congratulations to the Shark of Month recipients for February:

U7s – Dante Williams

U9s – Will Robinson

U11s – Ava Forbes

U13s – Joel Biro

See you all next Saturday.

Coach Murph

From the Gym  

Week 4 and we were back in the small gym. We had a more specific skill focus, still with a fun and enjoyable element. The players were still working on accuracy, team work, control, gross motor skills and visual tracking, but more guidance was being given to enhance specific skill levels. The U6 group focused more on foot skills; how they position their foot while kicking through to the ball drop onto the foot, whereas the U5s worked more specifically on each of the football skills concerning kicking, handballing, marking, gathering and movement skills. In the coming weeks, we will be focusing more on specific skills and learning movement patterns to continually improve skills.

For those playing at home, here are some teaching strategies to assist your child with improving their skill level:

  • Kicking: pointing the toes towards the target, not drawing the toes back and towards the sky and hold the ball with the ring fingers down the seam and the point of the ball going up and down, not pointing at the belly button.
  • Handballing: sit the ball on the platform hand, bend at the waist holding the ball at waist level and slightly in front of the body, ensure that the thumb is tucked below the fingers, not on the index finger
  • Marking: try taking the ball in front of the eyes, use ‘W’ fingers keeping the gates (thumbs) closed, watch the ball into the hands
  • Gathering: body behind the ball, fingers pointing towards the ground and spread, draw the ball up when taking possession

Cheers Coach ‘Stevo’

U7 - Dante Williams
U9 - Will Robinson



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