The devastation in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The news reports that we have all seen have been horrific and it is fair to say that many in our community have been either directly or indirectly affected by the typhoon.
While the typhoon was ravaging the Philippines, AIS and Sharks Basketball’s Coach Melvin’s family was dealt a very tough blow as his children’s small school, Treasured Gems Christian Academy, was burnt to the ground with only a very small part of the school still usable. The fire was not caused by the typhoon but nevertheless, this community has been dealt a serious blow.  
Given how close this is to all our lives, we know there are going to be many in our community who would like to help in some way. The AIS, AIS Parents Association, Sharks Basketball and Sharks AFL will be coordinating various activities, fundraising events and donations over the course of the next short while, including a car wash at AIS this Saturday and Sunday.
The Committee of Sharks AFL feel that both Sharks Basketball and AIS are part of our Community and have therefore agreed to donate $2,500 towards both these meaningful causes and will distribute on an equal 50% each basis.
There will be various donation boxes around AIS where people can individually donate if they wish to.  In addition to this, people who do want to donate towards Coach Melvin's children's school rebuild can drop cash or a cheque made out to "Australian International School" and place that in the Sharks Basketball mailbox near to Primary Reception (Gate 1).  Please make sure you leave a short note to advise what the monies are for. Alternatively, you can send this directly to Sharks AFL and we will coordinate this for you – please email if you don’t make it to The Australian International School.
The more we raise as a Community the more we can assist those in need.  A lot of deserving people are in need of our support at this time.

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