While the AFL were celebrating the Sir Doug Nicholls round, SSFC was celebrating the Murry Naismith-inspired 2018 Lightning Rounds and we kicked off to an incredible start on Saturday. It was great to see everyone out there in their uniforms playing a brand of footy Sharks have become known for – hard but fair.

The biggest take away from the first week was the quality and standard of football being played this early in the competition. The larger field allowed for a free flowing game where the ball wasn’t crowded and players were able to reward the running players.

A massive shout out must go to our umpires in Brian Moore and Mark Whelan who set a wonderful precedent of expectations to players on the field. Also, thank you to Emma Hutchison, Alex O’Shea and the Sharks Committee for organising and coordinating the uniforms. They look phenomenal!

A large emphasis has been placed on player conduct this year with the expectation players always display the Shark attributes we require.

  • Respect for Coaches, Umpires and Officials,
  • Always trying your best,
  • Being a good team mate,
  • Being graceful in winning and losing


  • Lightning Rounds return 28th July – enjoy your break and safe travels
  • We are looking for coaches to include a weekly ‘write up’ for their teams. For this to be published, coaches need to email it to Scott Murphy – scott_murphy@ais.com.sg no later than Tuesday COB.

Finally, congratulations to all the players for starting the year on such a great note.

Coach Murph

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