Another hot day out at AIS for Week 4 of our Games Tournament. Kudos to the kids for putting in the time and effort yet again and for all the parents that came along to help.   

4-5 grades:  Damian Davies

We held another “Whites vs Greens” game this week with numbers in the low 20’s.  perfect for a  four X 12 min quarter hit out. The boys are really starting to show the benefit of playing a few games with their awareness coming on in leaps and bounds.  They are looking for the quick disposal, be it by hand or foot, and are using the space on the ground much better.  Common now to see the kids make a deliberate decision to attack from either the wings or straight down the middle and not just randomly boot the ball.  Passing was probably the highlight of the week, along with a few great grabs and strong tackling.  The boys have clearly been watching the AFL on the TV, a bit of back chat to the umpires when decisions don’t go their way.  Not a trend we like to see so hopefully the boys got that message at the end of the last session.  Looking forward to just getting on with the game next week.  Votes were difficult this week with a spread of good performances.  The voting committee decided to recognise players that clearly stepped up this week.  The votes were awarded to Caleb (3), Max (2) and Ollie (1).

6+ grades: Andrew Clough

Saturday saw a return to the round robin series between the Makos, Hammerheads and Tigers.  The turnout was excellent with 30 boys present thus each team enjoyed two 10-a-side matches.  The match results were Hammerheads 26 d Makos 10, Tigers 29 d Makos 9 and Tigers 23 d Hammerheads 19.  The President created a sensation with the re-introduction of the no scoring from the centre rule and the boys will be talking about what could have been for weeks, no doubt Kyle had something to say to Dad.  In total there were 40 scoring shots, 16 resulted in goals and 24 in behinds, the outcome does not reflect poor kicking but rather the tenacious nature of the back line play in all three matches – great work.   Placing the results to one side the stand out feature of all three matches was the quality of passing (kicks and hand balls) and the fact players with the ball in hand were taking the opportunity to look for a couple of options for a disposal with team mates using their voices to give plenty of leads – this is sensational football for these boys, particularly as it was widespread through all three teams… doubt the fluid play of the Sharks Dads the weekend before fired the boys up.  There were some great performances from the likes of Remy, Indigo, Kyle, Nick, Jack Snow and Jack McKnight.  With football like this on offer, Saturday cannot come around soon enough.

HK visit to play the Sharks

Only a few weekends away now.  The boys have been firing up with the Round Robin tournament the past few weeks and the younger kids have a chance to get back out there (hopefully they have kept in shape in the off-season).  Will be great to leverage the game form against the kids from Hong Kong on 30 August.  The day will commence at approximately 1pm with games played in the following age groups:

  • Under 8's - must be 8 years or under on 31st Dec 2014
  • Under 10's - must be 10 years or under on 31st Dec 2014
  • Under 12 - must be 12 years or under on 31st Dec 2014

The Dragons will be entering at least one team per age group and we would like to enter two per age group.  For those that have been on our tours previously this is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to play competitive AFL footy against other international teams. 

More details will follow as they come to hand, however in order to secure your child's place on a team please RSVP your child's name and DOB to: by 16th August.

Grand Final Day celebrations:

We are in the process of finalising details for this “traditional” day of watching the season finale of the greatest game in the world.  Save the date, 27 September, with more details to follow.

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