After a busy few weeks playing against teams from different locations, things were back to normal this week with the exception of bigger crowds courtesy of the Fish and Chip night at the AIS.  Not so much training, but more game time as our players are thriving. The kids have clearly progressed over the Auskick year, with lots of kick/mark combo’s, making good space and using your team mates to advantage. A general call out for coaches this weekend as many of the regular crew will be in Bali.  We are coming into the last few sessions of the season with the traditional kid’s vs. adults games lined up for the final Auskick day on 14th of June.

From the Oval

From the Gym

Last session saw new surroundings to the surprise of many. We ventured up into the MPH, which unfortunately lacked air-conditioning for all but 10 minutes of the last session. The kids were hot, the coaches were hot, the parents were hot, and fortunately, so was the football. The kids were very resilient considering the conditions and nothing could deter them from kicking, handballing, marking and gathering the ball whenever possible. 

The focus for the Prep session was on handballing, where the players were trying to hit targets and use correct technique. There was plenty of running involved and I’m sure the players had a good night sleep that night. When practising at home remember to have the ball on the platform hand at waist level, rock forward onto the front foot when striking and catch the fist.

The focus for the Pre-schoolers was on kicking and marking skills. To maintain our theme of combining fundamental and gross motor skills, the players had to include different movements and make level changes to perform their skill. Visual tracking was important for this session and the players really needed to focus on the ball and where it was in space. Some technical tips when practising at home are: kicking – kick the bottom of the ball and point the toes towards the target, and drop/guide the ball to the foot, don’t throw it in the air; marking – fingers spread having ‘W’ fingers ready, watch the ball into the hands and ‘give’ with the ball on contact.

As was stated with the parents and coaches last week, there are a number of us away this weekend as we are playing in the Bali Championships. Some of our regular coaches have already put up their hand to assist in taking the session this coming Saturday, but if we could have more parental involvement to assist with the activities that would be fantastic. Good luck to all coaches for the up-and-coming session this week, and also to all players heading to Bali!

Ian Forbes

Melbourne Trip

Due to some late cancellations, we have 8 spots available for our Melbourne Auskick game at the MCG. If you are keen to have your child participate in the MCG game, please email us at, as soon as possible with your confirmation, as places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Playing at the MCG will be a memorable experience for our young sharks, and we encourage anyone who has thought about it, but not yet signed their child up to join the game. Also, the Richmond FC Punt Road Oval tour has been confirmed for Wednesday 18 June, 3pm at the Punt Road Oval, with Dan Jackson welcoming the children again!

Here is the break down for suitable ages.

The break up re the ages as follows

•         Auskick Rules

o   Grades 4, 5 and 6 (preference to higher grades)

o   1 ticket per player and 2 for parents

•         Grid Games

o    Grades 2, 3 and 4 (preference to higher grades)

o   1 ticket per player and 1 for parent


* A weekly round robin competition is being organised for the older kids during term 3, details to follow shortly

* We all know about the proposed changes to the viewing of the AFL.  We encourage you to voice your disapproval via this online petition.

* End of season functions, including the Grand Final day are also in the process of being organised

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* Twitter account @sgsharksfc is also now active if you want to follow us.  #gosharks.


Keep focused on the ball!!

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