Dear Sharks Members,
Thanks for your overwhelming support and interest in the Lightning Rounds.  We have seen a huge response with player registrations in excess of 110 kids, as well as many volunteers nominating themselves for some of the key roles, most notably more coaches and assistant coaches than there are teams!
As of the close of registrations on Saturday, player registrations have been over-subscribed so we have increased the number of players on each team to as many as we possibly can to accommodate as many players as possible.  Unfortunately though, we are unable to accept any further registrations for Lightning Rounds for 2016.  Those players who were unsuccessful in securing a place in a team will be notified shortly and we thank you in advance for your understanding.
We will announce Teams, Coaches and Assistant Coaches in early July, so keep an eye for that.
Thanks once again for your interest and support and we look forward to a sensational Lightning Rounds starting on July 23.
Sharks FC

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