Due to the very popular annual Fish and Chip evening hosted by the AIS Parents Association, we have to make the following alteration to our schedule this coming Saturday.
2pm – Year 4 / 5s on as per normal
3pm – Year 2 / 3s on as per normal
4pm – Preschool to be relocated to the MPH (same as last week). Prep/Year 1s to be relocated to the JUNIOR FIELD.
5pm – Year 6 + - CANCELLED
6pm – Dads – CANCELLED.
Please be patient with us this weekend. There are 1600 tickets sold so far to the event and chances are we will be operating on a relatively short decision making time frame – aka “on the fly”.  Tickets to the Fish and Chip night are still available from AIS but please note there will NOT be tickets available on the day.
Thank you for your support and your contribution.

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