The Bali Masters, an over 35s 9-a-side competition held on Friday June 7 and Saturday June 8, was the Singapore Sharks Football Club’s most successful yet, both on and off the field. We left the shores of Singapore with a touring party of 52 people, made up of 18 players, two dads as support crew, 10 wives and 22 kids! And the old Dads did the club proud, finishing runners-up in the Cup competition - Division 1 or A grade. At this year’s Masters there were 20 teams competing, so whilst we were disappointed to lose the Grand Final after winning our four lead-up games, to be ranked the second best team out of the 20 was quite an achievement.

The SSFC is building up a very good track record at this event. In 2011, we made the Bowl final - Division 3 or C grade – while last year we won the Plate - Division 2 or B grade – and this year we made our way into the Cup final. As a Club we have continued to improve whilst the size of the touring party has also continued to grow and judging from the comments being emailed around by the participants the fun is also getting better and better. The Canggu Club is a fantastic facility and with the new turf this year it was an awesome surface to play on and with most people staying close to the Club in bigger groups, frustration at Bali’s traffic was kept to a minimum.  All in all it was a terrific event.

Leading the charge for the Dads were Ben Rampling and Cam Roydhouse, two of this year’s recruits. Both must surely have figured high in the player of the championship voting. A special mention to the SSFC Dads games record holder and the only player to have played in every game the Dads have played – Nick Taylor. In an inspiring piece of play, Nick made an interception across half back, followed up by tapping the ball forward to a teammate, kept running, got the handball back, before running into the forward line and making no mistake with the shot on goal, registering his first major for the club!  Awesome work Nick.

Game scores: Friday – Game 1: Sharks 14.4.88 def Darwin Buffaloes 2.1.13. Friday – Game 2: Sharks 14.1.85 def Vic Park Pigs 0.1.1.

Saturday – Game 3: Sharks 10.3.63 def Bali Geckos 3.3.21. Saturday – Semi Final: Sharks 7.4.46 def Darwin Dugongs 3.3.21.

Saturday – Grand Final: Sharks 2.2.14 lost to Jakarta Bintangs 6.4.40.

In addition, a SSFC junior team got to play a game in amongst the other games on the same hallowed turf as the Dads. Those representing the Sharks were Bowen Schaefer, Zac Hill, Cameron Taylor, Will Chegwin, Oscar O’Neill, Kyle Davies, James Cooper, Quinn Cooper, Sebastian Walden and Angus Walden. The boys also had a couple of local Bali kids in the team with them, acquitting themselves very well, to record a narrow victory. Well done boys!

Year 6 & above boys Aussie Rules to continue in Term 3

Due to popular demand, we are aiming to continue Aussie Rules for the older boys groups during term 3 at the Australian International School. The aim is to play games from 5:00pm on Saturday evenings, but to make this happen we need the numbers to make it worthwhile. If there is enough interest there could be three teams and a mini-series run. If your child is interested in playing then please email Brandon at with their name and age.

Trophy collection

As this is the official final week of Aussie Rules at AIS for season 2013 we would to extend to those children that did not collect their trophy over the past two weekends to come forward on Saturday afternoon to do so. For those interested, keep a lookout on the SSFC website for the team photos that were taken and that are placed under their own folder or please click here. There have been some great photos taken throughout the season and special thanks must go out to Nick Coulter and Darren Thomas for their exceptional work. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those participants who have made the season a most enjoyable experience for all concerned.

Footy Tipping

This week’s winner of the $50 Dallas or Rotisserie voucher is Ronnie Andrews who correctly picked all six winners of the round and with a one point margin on last Friday night’s game. That leaves David W and Archi on top of the table with 75pts with Sam the Boss in third place on 74pts. Remember another spilt round this week and tips need to be in by the bounce of the ball of Friday night’s game.


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