Two weeks into the season and the kids look like they haven’t even had a break with awesome skills showing already! Perfect cooler weather for games outside, with a spattering of rain to keep it interesting on the ‘marks’ side of things!  In the U9s, we saw some great ‘clunking of the ball’ in games and even some Banana kicks…very impressive start to the season!  With just as eager Baby Sharks in the Gym…the kids were getting the hang of ‘spreading those fingers’ to make the perfect marks, and kicking the balls and knocking over many skittles…aiming is going great fold.  All our Sharks are loving the ‘rotational system’ of drills, a big Hi 5 to our 2 coaches for mixing it up to build the techniques.

‘Let there be Lights!’  I’m sure some of you have noticed all the workmen over the oval/school roof busy installing some huge lights!  Well anticipation has been building, and finally we are ready to ‘switch on these beauties’ and light up the oval for some night games! This Friday night 26 February is the formal ‘Switching on the Lights' ceremony which will be held out on the oval from 6.30pm.  There will be kicking games for the kids, sausage sizzle & drinks available and a few ‘night matches’ to christen the Grounds Lighting!  All are welcome, BYO drinks and Footy Chairs for a fun night  ‘under lights’.  This event is in conjunction with AIS and SSFC as its been a great ‘team effort’ to get these lights into play! The Evenings events as follows:

From the Oval 

The rain couldn’t stop the Auskickers or hinder their spirits. It was another great afternoon of footy, where new skills and drills were taught and learned. Some of these drills may have confused the Auskickers but it was organized chaos where each age group rose to the challenge.

I was very impressed by the enthusiasm across all age groups where everyone went about their footy with determination and a sense of excitement. When planning sessions, I have been mindful that all Auskickers want more game time to end their session but “you can’t run before walking’ – skills are pivotal in our game and it is essential correct techniques are taught and put into practice through game simulation. As the year unfolds and more skills are learnt, we will put these into game practice. At this stage of the year, we want Auskickers to be getting as much ‘touch’ with the footy as possible while building confidence.

Shark of the Month Award  This year we are introducing a “Shark of the Month” award to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals within the U7’s, U9’s, U11’s and 12+’s. Shark of the Month presentations will be held in the last 5 minutes of training on the last Saturday of each month. Awards will be presented to Auskickers who have shown resilience, respect, great sportsmanship, dedication and outstanding performances. Kids will be nominated by age level coaches and me. Being the last Saturday of the month this coming week (February 26th) I encourage all parents to come to the Shark of the Month presentations and support the worthwhile recipients.

Coach Murph            

From the Gym

Another day another great turnout in the gym. Again, the main focus was on gross motor skills and players re-orienting themselves with the AFL ball. Visual tracking is a skill that is continually enhanced as children get older and with continued ball use, focusing on where the ball is in space and being able to track it into the hands as it moves through the air or on the ground. Continued practise to make contact with the ball, kicking and handballing, will assist the players to sequence moving body parts for better efficiency. These will be a continual focus in coming weeks and are important for the players on going co-ordination skills.

Last week, I gave some teaching points to assist your child with some of their football skills when you are playing with them at home. As the session on Saturday was basically the same as the week before, I will include these same teaching points again:

  • Kicking: practice pointing the toes when making contact with the ball. If the toes are drawn back when kicking, the ball will simply go up instead of away.
  • Handballing: ensure that the thumb is curled under when making a fist, not lying on the index finger. If the child is doing this incorrectly, it will hurt!
  • Marking: have the tips of the thumbs together and fingers spread for marking the ball in front of the eyes. The thumbs are the gates, try and keep them closed, nobody likes a ball in the face!
  • Gathering: have the fingers pointing down towards the ground, little fingers close. This will assist in trapping the ball in the hands.

Again, if you are willing to assist with coaching on a Saturday, please email me at and I will email you the session plan for Saturday’s session each week. 

Cheers, Coach ‘Stevo’

AFL Packs and Sherrin Footy

Each registered player, U9 and younger, is entitled to an AFL pack. They have been delivered and will be available Saturday after their sessions.

U11s and older are entitled to a Sherrin, which was handed out last week.

Sharks AGM & Members Social Night – Dallas Bar Friday 18 March 

It's great to be in a club enjoying the sport you love.  Even better to meet up with new friends who have the same ‘footy’ passion as you.  Come along to the SSFC AGM & New Members night. New and old members welcome, come meet new friends, tee up some ‘footy playdates’ and have an ‘end of the week wind down’ with your SSFC buddies.  Friday 18 March from 7pm at Dallas Bar – Level 3 31 Boat Quay, 049820

Up and Coming Events

Keep these dates free to join the fun with more information to follow in coming newsletters:

  • ‘Let There be Light’ – AFL Night Lights Opening Ceremony Friday 26 February from 6.30pm.
  • AGM and Social Night Friday 18 March – Dallas Bar from 7pm – all welcome 31 Boat Quay
  • SSFC annual Trivial Night Saturday 23 April
  • Bangkok Tournament Tour expected in May – dates TBC
  • Bali 9s Masters in June

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