Now two weeks into the Auskick program, the touch is starting to come back.  Our new players are becoming familiar with what is often called an odd shaped ball, and those that have been kicking around for some time are holding more marks and disposing the ball more accurately. Some of the kids started seeing some game time this week, so I am sure the skills will pick up quickly from here.  We distributed a lot of the new Sharks caps last week and our coaches received their shirts as well.  Just a reminder that we expect delivery of the next batch of playing kit after CNY.

From the gym:

…..or should I say ‘From the Small Oval’ after last week’s sessions?! Again, the main focus was on gross motor skills and players reorienting themselves with the AFL ball. Visual tracking is a skill that is continually enhanced as children get older and with continued ball use, focusing on where the ball is in space and being able to track it into the hands as it moves through the air or on the ground. Continued practise to make contact with the ball, kicking and handballing, will assist the players to sequence moving body parts for better efficiency. These will be a continual focus in coming weeks and are important for the players on going co-ordination skills.

Last week I gave some teaching points to assist your child with some of their football skills when you are playing with them at home. As the session on Saturday was basically the same as the week before I will include these same teaching points again:

  • Kicking: practice pointing the toes when making contact with the ball. If the toes are drawn back when kicking the ball will simply go up instead of away.
  • Handballing: ensure that the thumb is curled under when making a fist, not lying on the index finger. If the child is doing this incorrectly it will hurt!
  • Marking: have the tips of the thumbs together and fingers spread for marking the in front of the eyes. The thumbs are the gates, try and keep them closed, nobody likes a ball in the face!
  • Gathering: have the fingers pointing down towards the ground, little fingers close. This will assist in trapping the ball in the hands.

Again, if you are willing to assist with coaching on a Saturday, please email me at and I will email you the session plan for Saturday’s session each week.

Cheers, Coach Forby

From the oval:

Another day, another big turnout on the oval. It was great to see a few more new kits on the field this week as we get more and more coming in. Again, I want to thank the coaches for their efforts in the heat to help out our kids. It is challenging weather to be completing outside activities but again we had a fantastic ratio enabling kids to get plenty of touches of the ball. If you are watching, don't be put off by the sea of yellow shirts, more bodies are welcome and you do not have to be an expert. If a Kiwi can be out there coaching with the U/7 group, anyone can! The U/7 and U/9 group continued with their rotational groups focusing on the skills of the game. In the U/9 we will introduce more "game sense" activities over the coming weeks to see if the skills hold up under pressure. The U/7 group will continue on the skill work with some fun games thrown in.

The older groups started working their way into games. The lay off over Christmas certainly didn't dampen the competitiveness and they were into it straight away. We will continue to have 3 teams so that we can focus on a skills session with one group while the game is going on the oval. We had enough coaches to provide 'on ground' coaching in both age groups which was fantastic.

On Saturday morning, we had 12 coaches go through a refresher of the Level 1 with Neil Barras from the AFL. It was great to see some new faces at the session which means we keep our skilled coaching stocks high from year to year. We also thank Neil for giving up his time to come out and put into our program.

See you all out there again this week.

Dale Carmody

The SSFC will also of course focus on both social and footy activities during the year with the AGM and Social Night in March, the annual Trivial Night in April, a tour to HK expected in May, the Bali 9s Masters in June, the much anticipated tour of the ‘G’ and grid games during half time on one of the weekends in the mid year break, and quite possibly a tour of Perth in August.  A ‘lightning round’ for the older players will also be implemented to help them to adapt in a pressure cooker, premiership style environment. We are also excited that 2015 will be another year where we host current players on a visit to Singapore – more about that later. 


A reminder that each Saturday during the Auskick season, the barbeque will be firing to ensure that the kids can get a sausage and a cold drink. We can only do this with support each week from volunteers to help out with the barbecue (Typically we need 2 to 3 people around for the afternoon). Many hands make light work, so please drop us an email if you can help out during the season. We would like to thank Jo Cliff, Peter and Dennis for helping out last week. The kids are encouraged to bring a water bottle which can sit at the drinks station, in the shade while the kids train. All kids should apply sunscreen before training. 

Training times are as follows:

  • U5 (born in 2010 or later): 4 - 4.45pm in the Gym
  • U6 (born in 2009): 3 - 4pm in the Gym
  • U7 (born in 2008): 3 – 4pm
  • U9 (born in 2006 and 2007): 2 – 3pm
  • U11 (born in 2004 and 2005): 4 -5pm
  • U12+ (born in 2001, 2002 and 2003): 5 - 6pm
  • U15+ and Adults: 6 – 7pm


  • Social Evening and AGM. Please mark your calendars for the evening of Friday, March 13 at Level 3, Dallas Restaurant and Bar, 31 Boat Quay for 7.30pm
  • SSFC Annual Trivia night has been rescheduled to 18 April.  Please save the date with more details to follow.
  • The discount period at the Nike store at Changi Business park is about to expire.   We encourage you to take up the huge discounts available.
  • Remember to bring in your old footy boots and exchange for another size, or donate to charity.
  • Contact footy has started, ensure your child has their mouthguard!
  • AFL Global Pass is available to watch the upcoming AFL season. Please click on this link to register -

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