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  • Friday Night Footy Under Lights & Club AGM - all welcome – 17 March – Kicking off from 6pm – check FB page Singapore Sharks AFL for details closer to the date
  • NO Footy Saturday 18 March (Friday Night under Lights replaces this session)
  • Mark your calendars - Saturday May 27 - SSFC 10 year Anniversary Ball / Social Night
  • Mystery AFL Player Visit – Keep a watch on FB & on our Website/newsletter for details to come!  Who can guess our ‘Guest Player!'
  • China & Hong Kong Tours – Exciting details to come on Facebook page & newsletters soon

Bring your friends along…join in the Auskick Fun – Registrations still Open for 2017 Auskick Season

2017 marks 10 years for Singapore Sharks AFL in operation, and what a fabulous sporting club it has become over those 10 years.  SSFC has always been an Auskick Club for all our kids that love this crazy ‘odd ball’ game we’ve all seen so much in Australia.  Living outside Australia – it’s great to see that so many of us are still able to learn the skills, get our hands & feet connected onto that ball and enjoy the game we all love here in Asia. So Auskickers…spread the word to all your friends, girls & boys of all ages are welcome to come on down and enjoy a trial run at our Saturday trainings Registrations are still open – we are always pleased to welcome new faces & share our great sport.

Auskick News Delivery Changes

We understand that every parent leads a very busy life here in Asia – with kids doing many sports, school communication flooding in regularly, keeping up with news from home – we seem to have ‘electronic information overload’ every day.  So to make life a little easier, SSFC have decided to move across to the Singapore Sharks AFL FB page more for getting information out on upcoming events, tour dates, visits & general club & Auskick community information and reduce our Auskick newsletter to a fortnightly publication instead of the existing ‘weekly’ issue.  This will kick off from today. Our website will also have the upcoming information showing, however to keep abreast of future news & any training changes – Singapore Sharks AFL FB page is the place to go.  Of course we would love any feedback, comments or thoughts you have to further enhance how we communicate with our community to help us grow to suit your needs.  So look us up – Singapore Sharks AFL and ‘follow’ for the ‘up to the minute’ information coming your way!

News from our Coaches

From the Oval

It was another great Saturday afternoon of footy with more Auskickers joining in the fun. It will be a great sight in the coming weeks when we don't have interruptions to our program and all Auskickers are on the park ready to play and continue to develop their skills.

I was very impressed by the enthusiasm across all age groups where everyone went about their footy with determination and a sense of excitement. This week, I reintroduced games at the end of the session. I am always mindful about this as some kids haven't played before and I don't want them excluded or losing interest and I want the kids to learn the skills necessary to play AFL and apply these to games. I also don't want kids getting hurt in what is a contact game. To combat this, we have put in place measures to minimise injury and exclusion such as no tackling (this week), mouthguards and coaches talking and controlling the game. At this stage of the year, we want Auskickers to be getting as much ‘touch’ with the footy as possible while building confidence.

In the coming weeks, I want to use the coaches to set up withdrawal groups to target the Auskickers who need extra support in specific areas of the game.

Shark of the Month Award 

This year, we are again having the “Shark of the Month” award to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals within the U7’s, U9’s, U11’s and U13’s. Shark of the Month presentations will be held in the last 5 minutes of training on the last Saturday of each month. Awards will be presented to Auskickers who have shown resilience, respect, great sportsmanship, dedication and outstanding performances. Kids will be nominated by age level coaches and me. Being the last Saturday of the month this coming week, I encourage all parents to come to the Shark of the Month presentations and support the worthwhile recipients.

Coach Murph

From the Gym  

Another day, another great turnout in the gym. Again, the main focus was on gross motor skills and players re-orienting themselves with the AFL ball. Visual tracking is a skill that is continually enhanced as children get older and with continued ball use, focusing on where the ball is in space and being able to track it into the hands as it moves through the air or on the ground. Continued practice to make contact with the ball, kicking and handballing, will assist the players to sequence moving body parts for better efficiency. These will be a continual focus in coming weeks and are important for the players’ on-going co-ordination skills.

Last week, I gave some teaching points to assist your child with some of their football skills when you are playing with them at home. As the session on Saturday was basically the same as the week before, I will include these same teaching points again:

  • Kicking: practice pointing the toes when making contact with the ball. If the toes are drawn back when kicking, the ball will simply go up instead of away.
  • Handballing: ensure that the thumb is curled under when making a fist, not lying on the index finger. If the child is doing this incorrectly, it will hurt!
  • Marking: have the tips of the thumbs together and fingers spread for marking the ball in front of the eyes. The thumbs are the gates, try and keep them closed, nobody likes a ball in the face!
  • Gathering: have the fingers pointing down towards the ground, little fingers close. This will assist in trapping the ball in the hands.

Again, if you are willing to assist with coaching on a Saturday, please email me at james_stephenson@ais.com.sg and I will email you the session plan for Saturday’s session each week. 

2017 marks Sharks 10yrs in Singapore – Est 2007

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