A very different pace last weekend with multiple games on the oval for our Year 1 – 6+ players and the younger kids in the gym engaging in some matches. Really pleasing to see the progress the kids have made with lots of good kicking and marking skills, players making space and most importantly, lots of smiles.  We welcomed the Bali Geckos who participated in the games for the older kids.  Was great to see such great numbers of family and friends supporting the Geckos.  I heard several murmurs that the Sharks also need to form a cheerleading team of siblings!!

From the Oval

A fantastic turnout for our ‘Carnival Day’. Thanks to everyone who coached, umpired, volunteered on the BBQ and helped with the gear for making the day run as smoothly as it did. Also a big thanks to all of you for getting the kids registered and to the ground on time. This was a big factor in starting the games on time and giving the kids as much game time as possible.

Year 1- 2/3

Some very entertaining footy by our younger groups. Even though they were playing amongst themselves the competitiveness and spirit was there to see. All teams had the opportunity to play in three games and by all accounts had a great time. It was fantastic to see the hard work of the coaches and kids showing through in the application of skill to the games. Thanks again to everyone who made the day happen.

Year 4-5/6

A great opportunity for our boys to play against a team other than themselves. Some very handy players came across with the Geckos and the intensity and competitiveness of the games took some of our boys by surprise. It was great for our players to be exposed to a team that had some skilful, hard players and we hope to either travel or have teams come to us moving forward. The games were physical and intense but the players mingled well after the game which is what it is all about.

Back to normal this week as the season heads into its last few weeks. This week could be my last depending on other commitments in the next few weeks so if it is I wanted to say a huge thanks to all members of our club.

  • The kids, who sweat it out in the heat every week and have improved so much over the year
  • The committee, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this the best value kids sport on the island
  • All of our parents who make it here week after week to give their kids a chance to play the best game in the world
  • And finally, our coaches who do a fantastic job week in, week out to provide the structure and fun that helps the kids to learn and enjoy every week

Thanks very much, see you in 2015! 

Dale Carmody

From the Gym

There was excitement abuzz in the Big Gym last session, with a game session for both the Preps and Pre-schoolers, not to mention the handing out of trophies which brought smiles to the faces of many……players, parents and coaches all-round.

The Preps engaged in some modified AFL match play which gave the players a chance to showcase their skills in a slightly competitive environment. Even though there was no ‘real’ scoring going on there was plenty of excitement when a goal had been kicked. While the kicking skills would have left the likes of Nathan Buckley and Stevie Johnson aghast, there wasn’t much in the way of handballing, so perhaps this is something that will take place later in game situations. 

The Pre-schoolers engaged in some games of their own, though not so much of an AFL game. Instead they were using a multitude of skills that took them under, through and over equipment while maintaining ball-control. They don’t really understand the concept of a competitive relay yet, but hopefully this will come at some stage.

We are continuing to get the players of both groups to combine skills in different physical settings, enhancing their fundamental and gross motor skills. This will be a continuing theme for the remainder of the season.

Even though the trophies were given out on Saturday we still have 3 weeks of training left, though we may be low on coaching numbers the week the dad’s team heads off to Bali to play in two weeks. Therefore, more assistance from the sidelines may be needed, even more than usual! If your child wasn’t at training on Saturday please come and see us to receive a trophy.

Ian Forbes

Habitat for Humanity Volunteers Thank Sharks FC Members

A big thank you to the Singapore Sharks Football Club for allowing us to set up our house building donation box at the Footy carnival last week.  The free BBQ was a perfect opportunity to raise some much needed funds to help our group of 15 volunteers build houses in Kuching, Malaysia.

The generosity of the Sharks members was overwhelming and we raised $931.40.  This money will go towards our goal of $15,000 to help cover the building costs when we go to Kuching in August.  We will be helping build 14 houses for native tribes who are now urbanised.

Fellow Sharks members from the Talbot, Davies, Katsaros, Stanley and Strack families will be part of the build team and we thank you for your contribution.


* Thanks to our volunteers on the BBQ last week, Jo and Cliff Brown and crew.

* There will be no BBQ at footy this Saturday due to AIS Fish & Chip Night. Please make sure your child brings their water bottle.

* We all know about the proposed changes to the viewing of the AFL.  We encourage you to voice your disapproval via this online petition. 

* Two former Sharks now playing in the AFL Greater Sydney Juniors league U13 Division 1, Cameron Taylor (Willoughby Mosman Swans) and Tom Pope (Pennant Hills Demons). The two teams played each other on Sunday, with Tom and Cam playing on each other on the wing for part of the match. Swans narrowly defeated the Demons by 2 points in a close fought match.

* Singapore Sharks Football Club now has a Youtube channel. Please click here for the video on Dan Jackson's visit.

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* Twitter account @sgsharksfc is also now active if you want to follow us.  #gosharks.


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