Last weekend saw 26 of our kids travel to Bangkok to play round robin games against the Thailand Tigers and the Pattaya Pirates. A very warm day in the sun, but very successful with the U8, U10 and U13 kids playing a total 8 games. As you can see from the photos, a lot of smiles from the kids! A big thank you to Dennis Cornwell again for taking the lead on this one, the parents that helped out with coaching and umpiring and of course for the hospitality of the Bangkok guys was amazing.  Also thank you to those that stayed in Singapore and made sure that the Singapore Auskick day rolled on.  Nearly 200 kids attended out regular training at the AIS.  This week is our turn to host the Bali Geckos at our carnival day, details are below.

Sharks Carnival Day – 24 May

This Saturday the Sharks will play host to 3 teams from the Bali Gecko's AFL Club.  The day will consist of games only and involve age groups Years 1 to Year 6+.  Pre School and prep will continue to train in the gym as normal.

The schedule for the day is in line with our regular training.

o   2pm – Year 2 and 3

o   3pm – Prep in gym, Year 1 on oval

o   4pm – Pre-school in gym, Year 4 and 5 on oval

o   5pm – Year 6+ on oval

o   6pm – adults 9-a-side game.

Schedule will be a round robin schedule as follows:

o   Year 1 and 2/3; 2 grounds with 4 teams of 10 players.  4 x 12 min games – each team plays each other once then in the 4th game the two teams who have won the most play each other and the other two play off as well.

o   Year 4/5 and 6+

-  1 ground – 2 teams playing,  1 off

-  3 teams 2 sharks and 1 Geckos, Sharks teams play first in the 6+ to give Bali kids a rest after 4/5 games. Bali have same team playing in both age groups

-  10 a side 3-4-3

-  3 x 16 mins – each team plays each other once

If you have not registered your child who is keen to play, please have them report to the Head Coach, Mr Carmody 30 minutes before they are due to start on Saturday. Children who have been allocated a team (see table below), please see your team coach 15 minutes before the start time. 

 A free BBQ will be running all day so we need to put a call out for more volunteers! We will also be presenting the kids with Trophies for the season.

From the Gym

The last session in the Big Gym, the players were greeted to something a little different….Coach Forby wasn’t there! According to Coach Ben it was because Collingwood lost and I was maybe in hiding. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, but I would like to put out a big thank you to Coach Ben and Coach Rob for taking over the reigns in my absence, as well as all of the other coaches and parents who stepped up to assist, it was greatly appreciated!

Last session the Preps were involved in some marking activities, focusing on taking the ball in the hands out in front of their eyes. To practise this skill at home here are some tips: fingers spread and remember the W fingers, arms long, eyes on the ball, give with the ball and grip the ball on contact. The Pre-schoolers were also focusing on marking skills, as well as gathering skills. Again some things to remember when practising at home are: Marking – see above; Gathering – bend at the waist and knees, eyes on the ball, fingers spread and pointing towards the ground, and body behind the ball.

We are still trying to involve multiple fundamental and gross motor skills into our activities, so that the players begin forming habitual movement patterns, instead of robotic movements. This is starting to become more evident which is good! 

I will be back again this week for more of a games focus for both groups. Look forward to seeing you all then!


* Thanks to our volunteers on the BBQ last week, Jason and Liz.

* We all know about the proposed changes to the viewing of the AFL.  We encourage you to voice your disapproval via this online petition.

* Carlton vs Adelaide. This Sunday (25th) live at PLONK (7 Maju Ave, Serangoon Gardens). Drinks at Happy Hour prices, tapas available, kids welcome!

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          Enjoy this week’s Carnival!!

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